Bee Resources

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* Abbe Warre's book is a free download (a BIG download)

Or order a hard copy of the book from this site

* Build your own Warre Hive
These are great plans. $27 gets you an exquisitely detailed program: Materials and tools lists, step-by-step videos of a hive being made so you won't make any mistakes, diagrams to follow, Q&A webinar on beekeeping, and a detailed 56 page report. We've used it ourselves.


* Michael Bush's bee site is very thorough and trustworthy.
Bush Farms

* The Barefoot Beekeeper: Chemical-free bees in top bar hives Biobees


* Organic Beekeeping Group
Very active organic bee list run by Dee Lusby, 40 years experience, opinionated beek going in the right direction

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* Join the Warre Beekeeping Group

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4. Cool Bee Sites and Beekeepers

* Approaching the Bees with Heart (biodynamic)
Gaia Bees

* The Melissa Garden (biodynamic)
Melissa Bee Blog
Melissa Bee Videos

* Gunther Hauk's biodynamic honeybee sanctuary
Spikenard Farm

5. Politically Active Bee Groups so you can get involved

* Partners for Sustainable Beekeeping
Sustainable Beekeeping

The Bee Guardian: Taking Initiative for the Survival of the Honeybee
The Bee Guardian

Alternative Pollinators
Native Bees

The Xerces Society: Native pollinator identification and preservation
Native Pollinators

6. Look at this ...

Extraordinarily beautiful video on pollination

7. Local Folks

Join local Portland bee folks on this discussion list
Friends of Bees

Tel and Michael build warre hives and they also do bee removals from buildings. Reach them at Honeybee Removals

You can get a well-made warre hive with lots of extras (including a lift), made by Dale Hill. Be sure to mention you took my class. Nice guy that he is, he gives a $40 discount for that. My bees are doing really well in the hives he made for us.
Dale's Hives or 503-789-1100 or 503-648-0722

Matt Reed at BEE THINKING has a nifty little store in Portland that supplies bee suits, books, hives and other bee paraphernalia.
Bee Thinking Store

* Matt & Madelyn Morris own Mickelberry Gardens where they make healing remedies, lotions, salves and balms using honey & wax from their organic hives. Mickelberry Gardens Bee Medicinals

8. A Few Extras

Audio recordings of Rudolf Steiners's "Lectures on Bees"
This is not for the faint hearted but is a wonderful background to the biodynamic approach. These are direct translations from German and are full of much esoteric knowledge. Get your basics down first, then give this a try.
Lectures on Bees

Bait Hives for Honeybees: a primer on how to attract swarms of wild bees -- Cornell University.
Bait Hives